You can download here articles on applied electrokinetic technology, published in scientific, technical and environmental journals, environmental magazines and proceedings of seminars and congresses since 1990.

    Electrokinetic remediation of metal-polluted marine sediments: experimental investigation for plant design, 2015 (14 pages).

    Electrokinetic Fences against Seawater Intrusion, 2012 (8 pages).

    Elektrokinetische schermen tegen intrusie zout water, 2011 (3 pages).

    Electro-Reclamation in Practice, experiences with Field Applications of Electrokinetic Remediation, 2009 (21 pages).

    Electrokinetic Biofences, 2009 (10 pages).

    A combination of in situ remediation techniques proves successful at a site in Zeist, the Netherlands, 2006 (5 pages).

    Electro-Reclamation, a versatile soil remediation solution, 2004 (11 pages).

    Electrochemical remediation of CCA polluted soil, 2003 (17 pages).

    Electrokinetic Biofence, remediation of VOC with solar energy and bacteria, 2004 (6 pages).

    Fifteen years electro-reclamation in the Netherlands, 2001 (9 pages).

    Der Boden elektrifiziert, Elektrosanierung in der Retro- und Prospektive, 2000 (4 pages).

    De bodem geëlektrificeerd, Elektroreclamatie in retro- en prospectief. Bodem, jaargang 10 nummer 3,juli 2000 (2 pages).

    Electro-Reclamation , Applications in the Netherlands, 1993 (3 pages).

    Elektrosanierung, neue Technik für in Situ und on/off Site Bodensanierung, 1991 (2 pages).

    Electro-reclamation, a new technique for in situ and on/off site soil remediation, 1991 (2 pages).