International Projects

In the following list we have presented the large international groundwater management and assessment proposals and projects, soil and groundwater remediation plans and projects and environmental desk and feasibility studies wherein Lambda Consult was or is involved as principle consultant. For projects and proposals in the Netherlands, please visit the Dutch language site.

Location Client Description Price
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Oliver Wyman Proposal for the first phase of a coastal development project "Salman Bay" north of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. n/a
Singapore SETSCO Pte LtdProposal for soil and groundwater remediation at the site of the former BP refinery at  Pasir Panjang Road n/a
Singapore SECS Pte LtdGroundwater modeling Jurong Island n/a
Livorno, Italy European Commission, Life+ 2012 Environment Policy & Governance Programme Pilot Project "Sediment ElectroKinetic REmediation Technology for heavy metal pollution removal" (SEKRET) € 1,820,203
Fukushima, Japan Mitsubishi Research Institute Inc., Tokyo Demonstration project for seawater purification technologies at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant n/a
Addis Abeba, Ethiopia Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of EthiopiaFormulation and planning of project "promoting Groundwater Exploration and Shallow Wells Construction Techniques for Domestic Water Supply in Ethiopia" € 3,000,000
Safwan & Badra Jasan, Iraq UNESCO, Paris Hydrogeological and geophysical investigations for drinking water supply and small scale irrigation n/a
Chupei, Taiwan DHV, PlanetekDNAPL Remediation, Soil & Groundwater Clean-up, by in-situ thermal treatment € 636,000
Canary Isles,Spain UNESCO, Paris Scientific Study of Groundwater Behaviour in Vulcanic Aquifers n/a
Aden,Yemen FAO, RomeAbyan Delta project evaluation and development of a mathematical groundwater model € 75,000
Gyor, Hungary RABA A.G.Electro-remediation plan of soil contaminated with heavy metals at the RABA facility site by Electro-Remediation € 1,100,000
Kuwait Consulting CompanyPreliminary proposal for remediation of coastal area n/a
St. Petersburg, Russia Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Cadix Feasibility plan for remediation of harbour dredging using integrated technologies, Pilot Project € 500,000
Holmesville, USA Huff & Huff Inc. Environmental Consultants Remediation proposal of the Holmesville facility site, at Holmesville, Ohio by Electro-Bioremediation $ 750,000
Cebu Island, Phillipines Water Resources Centre (WRC) of the San Carlos University of Cebu and the Asian Development Bank (ADB) Water Resources Assessment of Bohol Province and Metro Cebu, Phillipines € 900,000
Evansville, USA Aerojet Sacramento, USA Proposal for in-situ Electro-Bioreclamation of the former GenCorp facility site at Evansville, Indiana $ 1,160,000
Uttar Pradesh, India Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Government of India Appraisal of the Uttar Pradesh State Tubewell Project under Bilateral Aid Program and Formulation of follow-up Project € 64,600,000
Ranst, Belgium Oil companyIns-situ remediation of petrol station, contaminated with mineral oil, aromatics and naphtalene € 160,000
Valencia, Spain Abensur Medio Ambiente Outline of possible mode of operation for removal, treatment and re-use of contaminated soil of areas 002 and 138-139 at the urbanization area Avda. de Francia in Valencia € 1,600,000
Gallaway, USA EnSafe Environmental Consultants, Vollrath Group Proposal for DNAPL remediation of soil and groundwater at the Vollrath Group manufacturing facility site at Gallaway,Tennessee by Electro-Bioreclamation $ 3,000,000 to
$ 5,000,000
Sweden Pharmaceutical Company Proposal for remediation of soil, groundwater and bay sediments contaminated with mercury, by electro-reclamation € 1,850,000
Nordhorn, Germany Umtec Beratende Ingenieure & Geologen Remediation of ground and groundwater contaminated with chlorinated solvents, by Electro-Bioreclamation € 4,000,000
Chilung, Taiwan DHV-PlanetekIn-situ remediation of ground and groundwater contaminated with heavy metals at the site of a former fertilizer plant € 4,750,000
Tokyo, Japan AMB-BPOutline of soil remediation plan for Daikoku artificial island in Bay of Tokyo, contaminated with organic and inorganic contaminants € 11,250,000 to
€ 13,500,000
Baku, Azerbaijan CIC HollandSome notes on the possibility of remediation of oil contaminated ground and groundwater at BAKU, Azerbaijan n/a
Genk, Belgium Galvanizing plantIn-situ remediation of ground and groundwater contaminated with zinc € 170,000
Zwevegem, Belgium Environmental Consultancy Outline of remediation options for the Bekaert site € 1,200,000
Macedonia D'Appolonia Consulting Note on the possible application of Electro-Reclamation and/or Electro-Bioreclamation for the clean-up of a former industrial area, contaminated with mercury, Lindane, VOCs and HCH n/a
Porto Marghera, Italy Saipem S.p.A Pilot test in-situ electro-reclamation of mercury contaminated soil at petrochemical site € 230,000