Lambda Consult has developed a number of significant strategic alliances with domestic and international environmental industry partners. These alliances include companies with expertise in groundwater exploration and exploitation, groundwater modeling, soil and groundwater remediation, sludge and water treatment systems, electrochemical, geotechnical and environmental engineering, electro-biological processes, biotechnology, applied geosciences, and subsurface infrastructures. This enables us to offer a wide range of practical and sustainable environmental and groundwater related services, including:


  • Water technology scouting and technical Due Diligence
  • Contaminant transport and groundwater modeling
  • Design and installation of Aquifer Storage and Recovery Systems (ASR) and Aquifer Thermal Energy Systems (ATES
  • Recommend innovative and sustainable (ground)water treatment systems
  • Design of in-situ soil and groundwater remediation systems by electrokinetic and conventional methods
  • Desalination and restoration of brackish farmland by electro-remediation
  • Design and installation of subsurface electrokinetic fences and electrokinetic biofences to fence off 'hot spots' and contain and remediate contaminated groundwater plumes, hold sea water intrusion along coastal areas or stop leachates from waste deposit sites or mine tailings
  • Electrokinetic sedimentation of aquatic soils (river & harbor dredging) and industrial sludge
  • Ultrasonic rehabilitation of clogged water wells and ASR and ATES wells

Environmental Courses & Training

  • Contaminated site restoration methods and in-situ techniques
  • Soil-water and contaminant-soil interactions
  • Hydrogeological investigations and modeling of mobile pollution
  • Use of innovative techniques for reclamation of saline soils and fighting salt water intrusion
  • Natural attenuation and enhanced biodegradation

We consider confidentiality of paramount importance. All information received and services rendered by Lambda Consult are held strictly confidential. We will not divulge any information to anyone other than with client's written permission.