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Welcome to Lambda Consult

An international groundwater and environmental consulting company to solve groundwater and environment related problems by groundwater investigation, assement of contaminated sites, preparing soil and groundwater remediation plans, modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport,  risk assessment and Project Management..

Groundwater, although accounting for only 0.9% of the total volume of water on the earth, is still the major source of our need for drinking and irrigation water. However, its avalibility and quality have been declining since the early 1900s.

Reason for us to focus our special interest on the following areas:

  • Water purification and desalination by looking for new, innovative and sustainable technologies.
  • ASR or Aquifer Storage and Recovery, a relatively new and cost effective tool for water resources management. ASR is the storage of water in a well or a well field during times when water is available and recovery of the water from the same well or wells during times when it is needed.
  • Prevention of seawater and saline water intrusion as a result of excessive pumping of groundwater in the world's coastal areas, where the majority of the peoples is living.
  • Desalination of arable lands with high concentrations of total dissoved solids (TDS) as a results of poor quality of irrigation water, high evaporation rates and low rainfall numbers.
  • Holding the leaching of acid solutions with heavy metals from mine tailings into the groundwater, as well as cyanide and mercury which are used for gold mining 

Reinout Lageman, Director and Principal Expert

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