Partner Network

Our partners are companies, organizations and people who have been active in groundwater and environment related fields for several decades. They have been pioneers in many ways and have developed and implemented new technologies amongst other for ground and groundwater clean-up, water treatment, site assessment, monitoring, hydrogeological and geophysical investigations and environmental impact studies.

Ortageo - specializes in visualizing and analyzing the risks for the spatial environment in (construction) work. Their task is to advise governments and companies and guide them in dealing with those risks. The starting point is research and their engineers have the technical expertise to come up with workable solutions. If there is a need, they lay out the routes from start to execution.
Singapore Environmental Consultancy and Solutions (SECS) - provide environmental (soil, air and water), health, safety, risk, social consulting services and sustainability related services. They have good connectivity with private and government institutions around the world. Their Consultants have collaborated in many regional and international environmental projects. SECS is committed to providing their clients with customized solutions for their projects.
Verhoeve Environmnent & Water - Verhoeve E & W is an innovative contractor focused on soil and water quality and care for a healthy environment. They serve a broad market, from large petrochemical companies to builders and developers. They address the environment with attention for soil, water and the subsoil with a never-ending passion for renewing, broadening and deepening their technical solutions and products.
Tjaden - is a renowned drilling company with a history dating back to 1895. The company specializes in well-point drainage, recharge wells, water supply wells and wells for shallow thermal energy and groundwater systems.
Aquatronic Solutions International (ATS) - is active in the field of non-intrusive geophysical technologies using their in-house developed GeoSuite App for groundwater investigations. The GeoSuite App includes electro-seismic, resistivity and magnetic geophysical technologies in one easy-to-use, portable package. Everything you need to find groundwater is on your phone. The GeoSuite App is designed to be the every-man's toolbox for groundwater exploration. It has been designed to fully automate all the complex processes required by geophysical systems to produce a result.
Salttech - is a young, fast-growing and innovative company in The Netherlands. Its DyVaR technology was designed for effective brine treatment and treatment of highly impaired waters of any concentration with minimal pretreatment and avoiding scaling and fouling issues. The combination of DyVaR and ZLD (Zero Liquid Discharge) technology results in the production of fresh water and highly concentrated brines or solid salts.
Suez Remedation - with more than 40 years experience in the field of polluted sites and soils, the company with its 46 employees, provides comprehensive rehabilitation solutions throughout the country.
Matmuo - is a company from Lithuania, designing, constructing and producing non-standard ultrasonic transducers and equipment for level measurements in industrial reservoirs and tanks with complex and aggressive content.
Wetsus- Wetsus acts as Technological Top Institute for Water technology and is a facilitating intermediary for trend-setting know-how development. Wetsus creates a unique environment and strategic cooperation for development of profitable and sustainable state of the art water treatment technology.
AIC Labs - is a wholly owned subsidiary of AIC Inc. from Berkeley, California. AIC Labs is an applied research and development firm specializing in electrochemistry and electrochemical processes for water, energy and metals
TNO-National Geological Survey - is the central geoscience institute in the Netherlands for information and research to promote the sustainable management and use of the subsurface and its natural resources
A.Hak Renewable Energy - rises to the challenge of finding new and sustainable energy models. They actively participate in emerging solutions such as biomass, Power-to-Gas and Blue Energy, but also with tried and tested technology such as district heating with residual heat from power plants and waste incinerators or thermal energy storage systems (ATES).
 Setsco is a leading organization in Singapore offering a comprehensive range of testing, calibration, inspection, certification, consultancy and training services to key markets such as Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Marine, Food, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Electronics, Environmental, Construction, and Building & Facilities.